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The Science Behind Thinkie's Visual Feedback Brain Training -- A Significant Advancement In Cognitive Training

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"The Science Behind Thinkie's Visual Feedback Brain Training -- A Significant Advancement In Cognitive Training"

The Benefit of Visual Feedback Brain Training as presented by Dr. Ryuta Kawashima, a leading researcher in brain training exercises, functional brain imaging, and dementia prevention.

In an era where the aging population seeks to maintain cognitive sharpness, the allure of brain training has never been more prominent. Many embark on these digital quests hoping to stave off cognitive decline, yet skepticism abounds. Can these games truly fortify our mental faculties, or are they merely digital snake oil? This intrigue brings us to the forefront of cognitive neuroscience, where the pioneering research of Dr. Ryuta Kawashima – one of the most renowned neuroscientists in Japan who supervises Nintendo’s Brain Training Game Franchise, shines a light on the veracity of brain training efficacy.

Dr. Kawashima asserts that brain training games leading to cognitive improvement are those that induce increased blood flow in the prefrontal cortex area of the brain. This neural activation signifies that the game is sufficiently challenging, pushing the brain to adapt and strengthen.

The variability in brain training efficacy can also be attributed to individual differences. What improves cognition in one person may not have the same effect in another, underscoring the personalized nature of meaningful brain training. This notion is pivotal for older adults and their families seeking cognitive enrichment through these digital platforms. The key, as Dr. Kawashima's research suggests, lies in selecting games and activities that stimulate the prefrontal cortex, thereby offering a genuine cognitive workout rather than mere entertainment.

But how do we know what is working to produce this higher level of brain activity and what is not?

How do we know we will work towards meaningful improvements in:

•              Memory

•              Verbal memory

•              Cognitive function

•              Processing speed

•              Executive function

•              Mental acuity

That’s where brain training with real-time visual feedback comes in. Enter Thinkie, a new brain training technology platform introduced in the U.S. recently. Training with Thinkie provides real-time measurement and immediate visual feedback to its users, and it produces real data so users can track their progress and engage in training activities that work best for them.

But how does the science behind it work?

Read the whitepaper by Dr. Kawashima. You will also unlock McKnight’s unique code for a 2-month free trial from Thinkie if you are a qualified senior living provider.

Disclaimer: The Thinkie system is not a medical device and should not be used for any medical purposes including diagnosis, cure or prevention of any specific diseases or medical conditions. It is intended for general wellness use only.

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